It's National Park Week!!!

I fell IN LOVE with National Parks on our 2013 cross country trip from New York City to Los Angeles.  I was most impressed with the National Park Rangers.  Man, they are sooooooo helpful and genuine and wonderful givers of information.  I did not meet a Park Ranger that I did not like. It was like they loved their job or something! Thank you National Park Service!

In honor of National Park Week, here are a few photos I have taken of the parks I have visited since 2013.  And I lived near the Redwood National Forest for three years and I managed to not take a decent photo of the trees!  I guess that means we have to go back soon!

Making time...

Been in Vegas about 6 months now.  A lot has happened, including working on the operations, websites and social media for Small Space Fest and Emergency Arts and social media for First Friday LV.  All awesome projects to be working on so soon into our move out here. I've been real busy these last few months working, moving, working some more.  Hasn't left much time for my own art and theatre.  So, I decided to MAKE time to focus on a little chunk of visual art today.  I have thousands of photos that I have taken in the last 3-4 years that I still need to get to.  Looking forward to making that time. These are a few of the 35mm double exposures I took back in 2014.  Click to see them not cropped.

Going to get back on that photography horse real soon!  Missing it real bad.


365 Day Photo Project. Day 51. Movement

The poetic, dynamic force that is UpLift Physical Theatre, founded by alumni from Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre.  They make me want to do this kind of work.

"UpLift's unique style pushes the edge of human ability by weaving hand-balancing, tumbling, and partnering into original, ensemble-devised works of theatre."